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Summit meeting: L-Acoustics K2 preview

Rumours of K2, 'the next big thing' from L-Acoustics have been circulating among high-end PA companies since the summer. Time for a peek. Or should that be 'peak'?

The clouds are lifting and K2 is in sight at last. The team at L-Acoustics has designed a system that has the “DNA of K1” – hugely successful since its 2008 launch – and the form factor of the legendary V-DOSC. K2 is not officially launched until 2014, but a couple of the big rental houses have already set out to explore its potential. Florent Bernard (FB), L-Acoustics’ director of application/touring, and Stéphane Ecalle (SE), director or marketing, gave PSNEurope the view from base camp.

The K2 system is more than just a rumour then…
SE: The rumour is confirmed! Actually, three European companies are already partnering L-Acoustics in our K2 pilot phase: SSE (UK), Black Box Music (Germany) and Concept Even in France. They have been deploying K2 in the field, either as a main system or as a complement to their K1 rigs. The pilot phase will end in November, with a significant amount of field experience being accumulated. K2 has received outstanding comments from engineers and owners: we’re thrilled with this green light for the market introduction. A production phase will ramp-up this December to address selected markets, while the worldwide launch will follow around Prolight + Sound time in March 2014.

How does the K2 system slot into your product range?
FB: K2 is positioned for similar applications as V-DOSC, typically productions with audiences of anything up to a headcount of 20,000. K2 delivers exactly the same max SPL and bandwidth as V-DOSC; it’s pretty logical that K2 will be replacing V-DOSC in our product line, with V-DOSC taking a well-deserved retirement after 22 years of loyal service! We will, of course, continue providing after-sales service to our V-DOSC customers for the foreseeable future.

From a genetic standpoint, K2 has more of a K1 DNA transplant into a 12” format enclosure…but with increased operational flexibility.

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