Studiomaster Stagesound Series

Compact PA systems
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What is it?
A range of compact PA systems optimised for portability.

The Stagesound series currently comprises two models - the Stagesound 8 with a 6-input, 2 x 100W powered mixer plus 8" speaker enclosures, and the Stagesound 10 with an 8-input, 2 x 200W powered desk plus 10" speakers. The design incorporates a unique storage option allowing the mixer to be stowed in the rear 'well' of one speaker enclosure and the cables/accessories in the other. The mixers feature two switchable mic/line and two stereo inputs (Stagesound 8) or four mic/line plus two stereo inputs (Stagesound 10). Onboard digital FX are included together with 2-band EQ on each channel and monitor/record outputs. Both the cabinets and speakers can be stand or tabletop mounted.