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Spectacular N&M brings style to Königsallee

The events technology company produced the multimedia show for Dusseldorf’s new Breuninger store.

German events technology company Neumann & Müller produced the multimedia show for the grand opening of Breuninger’s new Dusseldorf store.

The show, described as “spectacular” by the Rheinische Post, was created in four weeks by N&M’s Munich studio, led by Pasquale Zuppa. The department store chain’s latest shop is located in the city’s prestigious new Kö-Bogen development, on the Königsallee.

According to N&M, the development of the show was visualised in such a way that the marketing team at Breuninger could be consulted every step of the way. “It was important that [they had] a clear insight … at every stage of realisation,” explains Zuppa.

Studio staff were also responsible for the selection of music and the sound design. Guests at the launch included actresses Brooke Shields, Katja Flint and Barbara Becker.