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Soundcraft mixes world’s largest gospel choir

An ensemble of 1,169 voices put together by the London Community Gospel Choir made it into the Guinness Book of Records last weekend. Their performance was mixed using 96- and 64-channel Soundcraft Vi6 consoles.

Soundcraft helped The London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) into the Guinness Book of Records last weekend when experienced sound engineers Raphael Williams and monitor engineer Nikoma Bell specified 96- and 64-channel Soundcraft Vi6 consoles respectively to mix the largest gospel choir ever assembled on a stage. The concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall (part of the Southbank Centre) was also multi-tracked for a live album and DVD by recording engineer Simon Changer, who had a third, remote 96-channel Vi6, isolated in the back control room. Inviting 30 other gospel choirs from across Europe to participate, the existing record of 1,138 was broken thanks with an ensemble of 1,169 vocalists performing simultaneously. All the sound equipment was provided by Richard Nowell Sound Systems (RNSS), who has also installed a series of Soundcraft Vi series digital desks into the Southbank venues. Williams, who also acted as overall technical adviser, ended up filling his Vi6 to capacity with 30 band and 21 LCGC mics, plus four radio and 24 mics for the extended choir, eight ambient mics within the room and playback tracks from the hard disc recorder. “The ability to configure the show offline really helped on this occasion due to the channel count,” added Bell. “I was using every input and output, seeing 64 lines from stage then 12 return lines from FOH, as well as my effect returns and local inputs. But as I could configure the console on the train to rehearsals it saved a lot of time, allowing the band to get on with what they needed to do.”