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Sound for ‘Opera On Ice’ supplied by Electro-Voice

An Electro-Voice sound system was chosen by rental company Backstage PA for the televised figure skating event in 2013, held in a 2000-year-old amphitheater in Verona, northern Italy.

Milan based rental company, Backstage PA, were responsible for the sound production of the annual figure skating event, which takes place in a 2,000-year-old amphitheatre in Verona. As the event was being recorded for Italian television channel Canale 5, a discreet yet powerful sound system was needed. Pino di Constanzo, managing director of Backstage PA explains: “We wanted television viewers to see as little as possible of the enclosures, so they could not afford to be too large.”

Two hangs of 16 Electro-Voice XLD line-array elements made up the speakers for the main PA and an additional two hangs of 12 XLD enclosures were used for side fill in the audience area. Eight Electro-Voice XLD enclosures provided down fill for the skating rink in front of the stage. Additional low frequency sound pressure was achieved by using Electro-Voice Xsubs. Eighteen Electro-Voice CP3000S amplifiers powered the array elements driven by six Dx46 controllers. Four Electro-Voice CP4000S amplifiers, driven by two DC-One controllers powered the subwoofers.
Di Constanzo continued: “The system operated flawlessly and exactly as we had envisioned. The sound specialist from northern Italy was particularly taken with a number of details of the setup. The factory presets supplied as standard with the controllers and the FIR filters for the XLDs, which we were able to download free of charge for IRIS-Net, made our work considerably easier. These are sensible and extremely useful features.”