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Sommer Cable Cardinal DVM-194-VCA

Stage sub-mixer

What is it? A high-fidelity stereo submixer for various sound sources on stage offering remote controllability of the master level via swell pedal. Details The DVM-194-VCA provides four stereo channels each with a separate tone control and one of which includes a parallel front-panel input for fast hook-up of an additional source (eg, stage keyboard or MP3 player). The Master section provides individual level controls for the main and the mono outputs – the latter (together with the headphones out) are also switchable to pre-VCA, allowing pre-fade monitoring of sounds irrespective of the master output level. The rear panel features a line-level version of the headphone bus and when combined with the DVM-194-HPA provides a “comfortable and efficient” personal monitor solution on stage. And another thing… The VCA port is used to connect a simple swell pedal (such as the Yamaha FC-7). The factory setting for this port covers a control range of -80dB to +10dB (at 0dB output level). Using the optional DVM-194-DIS display unit provides a permanent visual control of the swell pedal position.