Slash rocks Poland with JBL VTX line arrays

Eight hangs of VTX V25 fullsize line array elements with 12 VTX G28 subs were powered by Crown Audio VRack 12000HD amplification systems for Slash's only performance in the country.
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Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash (featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) recently played a sold-out show in Poland at the Spodek in Katowice using JBL VTX line arrays. Providing sound reinforcement was Krakow-based hire company Prosound, with Music Cook supporting the event and making up the inventory required. The sound design saw hangs of eight VTX V25 fullsize line array elements front-facing on each side of the stage, with 12 VTX G28 subs (stacked vertically in L/C/R blocks of four). These were powered by Crown Audio VRack 12000HD amplification systems. Two hangs of six JBL Vertec VT4888DP midsize line array elements were deployed as outfills, with a further eight filling the front rows in the arena to deliver a 180-degree dispersion pattern. Providing technical assistance and crewing duties for the two rental companies were Daniel Dybała, Dominik Piasecki, Piotr Gilewski, Andrzej Jach, Sebastian Dudek, Tomasz Bochenek and Marcin Kowalski.



Jumbo JBL VTX order from AED Rent

AED Rent has become the first company to make a substantial investment in the new JBL VTX loudspeaker system, reports Marc Maes. The huge order - over 300 cabinets plus nearly 200 Crown power amps – will ship to the dry-hire outfit in February.


First JBL VTX system for Sweden

Based in Uppsala, PA company Konsert Teknik has acquired Sweden’s first JBL VTX line array system, supplied by Harman Professional’s Swedish distributor, Septon AB.