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Shure SE846

Sound-isolating earlpieces

What is it? A sound-isolating earphone with a low-pass filter said to deliver a “true subwoofer experience”. Details The SE846 features a quad high-definition microdriver with a three-way system configured for dedicated low, mid, and high-frequency reproduction. According to Shure, the SE846 delivers a “strong, impactful bass” while allowing the midrange and high frequencies to emerge. The natural roll-off of the subwoofer provides the tweeter and midrange drivers with the acoustic space they need to be heard clearly and accurately. The earphone also benefits from a customisable frequency response allowing selection of different sound ‘signatures’: balanced, warm and bright options are included. With its optimised nozzle angle designed to fit comfortably in the ear, the SE846 combines light weight with a low-profile shape and includes a detachable cable for easy replacement. And another thing… A premium accessories package is available for the SE846 which includes sleeves in multiple shapes and sizes, an additional detachable cable and two carrying cases.