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Shure, leading the digital wireless revolution

Find out what makes the new Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless so different

Recently, Shure announced the arrival of QLX-D Digital Wireless. In isolation, a digital wireless setup might not sound revolutionary, it’s not the first digital wireless system to hit the market, neither is it the first digital offering from Shure. However, once you understand the recent upheaval experienced by users of wireless microphones and how Shure have reacted, we begin to reveal a company who are well and truly ahead of the game. So what makes Shure QLX-D so different?

In order to understand this, we first need to understand what’s happening to spectrum. Most readers will be aware of the analogue to digital switchover and the implications for users of wireless microphones. In a nutshell, once the switchover was complete, large amounts of UHF spectrum favoured by users of wireless microphones were sold in an auction process known as the Digital Dividend Review (DDR).

As part of this process, the entire 800MHz band was cleared for the expansion of next generation mobile broadband (4G), including the dedicated Channel 69. Parallel to this, Channel 38 replaced Channel 69 as the new dedicated home of wireless microphones. Nevertheless, 800MHz is now unavailable, and users of wireless equipment have been left with significantly reduced RF real estate.

It gets worse. Because the commercial pressure to release more RF spectrum for the use of mobile broadband is so high, it is a distinct possibility that the 700MHz band could also be cleared in the same way. Through all this, one thing is certain; we need to be more efficient with less.

Knowing something needed to be done, Shure combined extensive research with knowledge of wireless systems spanning over 50 years to develop the ultimate wireless system. The result was their flagship Axient® Wireless System.

Axient pioneered a range of new to the world technologies, several of which have been implemented in subsequent products like ULX-D which offered truly exceptional RF performance. Given the uncertainty of the congested RF landscape, having a spectrally efficient wireless system is essential and ULX-D introduced a new level of efficiency to wireless systems with 63 channels in a single 8MHz band using its HD mode.

The new QLX-D system delivers advanced performance previously reserved for higher end systems at a more obtainable price bracket. It packs in a lot of sophistication and uses the same RF technology as high-end Shure digital wireless systems, delivering outstanding spectral efficiency and can safely operate 22 channels in a single 8MHz TV channel.

QLX-D users can operate significantly more channels on-air than any other wireless system in its class. In addition to its top end performance QLX-D packs in several other features such as encryption, advanced rechargeability and networking. Tuomo Tolonen, Pro Audio Manager at Shure UK comments: “QLX-D is truly an outstanding product and very fitting for the current RF landscape. It’s incredibly rich feature set and high end performance are a realisation of where digital wireless systems are heading.”

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