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Shure at the heart of dance production

Shure UHF-R bodypacks and PSM 1000 in ear systems are being used for wireless coverage on dance production, Heartbeat of Home.

Heartbeat of Home is a dance production featuring an on-stage cast of 39 dancers and musicians, fusing Irish, Latin, and Afro-Cuban dance to create a unique theatre experience.

The production was created by a team led by producer Moya Doherty and director John McColgan, of Riverdance.

Shure UHF-R bodypacks and PSM 1000 in ear systems are being used for wireless coverage.

Production RF engineer Amir Carmel (pictured) is responsible for the show’s wireless requirements and power distribution.

“My background is being a system engineer, which has always included RF and power distribution,” says Carmel. “In the past few years, especially with the loss of bandwidth, having a dedicated RF engineer has become much more important on major productions. For Heartbeat of Home, we chose an all-Shure infrastructure for both wireless mics and in-ear monitors. We’ve got 49 channels of UHF-R bodypacks and 16 channels of PSM1000 in-ears.”

The show features several unique wireless applications, such as the micing of the dancers’ feet. A miniature microphone is attached to each foot, with the signals being combined before entering the UR1 bodypack transmitter. “It’s a proprietary system that we developed for Riverdance,” notes Carmel. “The mics are custom wired and positioned on each dancer’s shoes to minimize cancelation and capture the sound the producer is looking for.”

Sixteen Shure PSM 1000 in-ear systems are being used in the show, primarily for the musicians, audio, and backline crew. “This is the first tour we’ve used the PSM 1000, and, I must say, we are very happy with the RF platform,” says Carmel.