Shure announces expanded integration between Axient Digital systems and Yamaha consoles

The company’s Axient Digital wireless microphone systems can now be more closely integrated with Yamaha’s CL and QL consoles.
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Shure has expanded integration between its Axient Digital wireless microphone systems and Yamaha’s CL and QL series mixing consoles.

Yamaha’s latest firmware update will allow sound engineers to monitor and control key features of the AD4D and AD4Q digital wireless receivers.

“Our engineering teams have been collaborating for several years now,” said Rob Fuhlbrugge, senior director of engineering and product development at Shure. “We share a common goal of enhancing the capabilities and interoperability of our products for the benefit of our customers who rely on them. This latest firmware version from Yamaha will allow the wireless monitoring and control of Axient Digital. Shureand Yamaha engineers have collaborated on the best way to present the information from Axient Digital to the Engineer operating the console, in addition to collaboratively testing the system to insure maximum reliability.”

Previous firmware versions have enabled CL and QL series consoles to support several other Shure wireless products, including QLXD, ULXD and Axient. 


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