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Reasons to be cheerful for Codex Audio and The Blockheads

Codex Audio was supplied with an Inspired Audio Optima 5 array system by UK distributors, LMC Audio.

Codex Audio, the Midlands-based production and rental company was supplied with the Inspired Audio system by UK distributors, LMC Audio.
Dave ‘Lofty’ Lockhart is the owner of Codex Audio, as well as tour manager and head sound engineer for The Blockheads, the band with whom he is deploying the Optima 5 line array.

“When LMC brought Optima 5 over for me to listen to I was very impressed with how well such a small box performed,” explains Lockhart. “Scalability, flexibility and sound quality all are excellent features of this system, and along with the support I know I will receive from the LMC team it seemed like a logical step for me to take,” adds Lockhart. Tim Bamber of LMC Birmingham says, “At this premium level, whilst many customers remain fearful of stepping outside of the overly dominant brands, Lofty is confident in being one of the first to step into a new venture with Inspired Audio.” “That Lofty has invested in the system is great news on a number of fronts; firstly he values the scalability of the system in a way that we had hoped the market would and, secondly, having a seasoned engineer of his calibre using the system will give us invaluable feedback at the factory,” says Inspired Audio design director, Chris Scott.