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High-powered sub

What is it? An active, high-powered subwoofer for music playback and sound reinforcement in small to mid-size applications including live sound, rental, theme parks, ballrooms, theatre and portable PA. Details Said to be one of the most powerful 18″ subwoofers currently available, the SUB 8004-AS houses a high-powered, hypervented 18″ woofer with 4″ inside/outside voice coils and a 1.25kW (2.5kW peak) digital amplifier module mounted in a separate chamber within the enclosure and mechanically insulated from it. According to RCF, the sub is suitable for “the most demanding situations” and includes volume control, deep/punch switch, high-pass filter, phase switch plus cardioid and output delay controls on the input board. Covering a frequency range of 30Hz – 120Hz (-3 dB), the SUB 8004-AS may be crossed over between 80Hz and 100Hz and is capable of delivering maximum SPLs up to 136dB. The design also includes thermal and RMS protection plus fast limiting circuitry. And another thing… Housed in a 70cm (H) x 55.75cm (W) x 70cm (D) Baltic birch enclosure, the SUB 8004-AS is suitable for stacking or pole mounting and is fitted with feet, rotatable logo and M20 insert allowing either horizontal or vertical placement.