Rational Acoustics releases two-channel Smaart v.7

Smaart v.7 Di is a two-channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software, which the company says is significantly easier to configure and operate.
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Rational Acoustics has released the latest product in the Smaart software family: Smaart v.7 Di (Dual-Channel Interface); a two-channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software. Smaart v.7 Di’s fixed, two-channel architecture provides a quickly adaptable measurement environment, with all critical configuration and control parameters accessible on the top level of a single user interface. Spectrum and Transfer Function engines have the same power and capabilities as those in the standard version. However v.7 Di does not include a separate Impulse Response (IR) Mode nor any of the Acoustic Tools intelligibility criterion. Instead, all time domain measurement capabilities in v.7 Di reside in the Live IR display of the Transfer Function measurement. “Smaart v.7 Di may be a simplified version of Smaart v.7 but make no mistake, there is nothing ‘lite’ about it,” said Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics COO. “v.7 Di provides the same measurement power, accuracy and stability as the full version of Smaart. The measurement engines are exactly the same. We've just created a simpler, dual-channel interface for the program which makes it easier to configure and run. It's an excellent option for entry level users, but it would be equally useful for experienced Smaart users looking for a quickly deployable dual-channel version of Smaart when a more complex multi-channel rig is not required.” www.rationalacoustics.com



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Smaart move for Rational Acoustics

US: The formerly EAW-owned Smaart brand product line is now part of the increasingly high-profile Rational Acoustics, reports David Davies. As a result of the deal - nine months in the making - Rational Acoustics is now the sole owner of the Smaart brand and has title to all names, trademarks, code bases and assets for the complete suite of past, current and future versions of Smaart software.