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Radial Engineering StageDirect

DI box with muting

What is it? A direct box combining all the standard features of a conventional DI plus a footswitch-controlled muting function. Details The addition of a footswitch for muting allows silent on-stage tuning for musicians and changing instruments without having to lower the volume of the PA system or switch a stage amp to standby. Like the Radial J48, StageDirect is designed to accommodate all types of instruments including a bass or acoustic guitar which can be connected using a standard ¼” jack cable. The StageDirect box will automatically balance the guitar signal and lower the impedance to make it compatible with the PA system. The design also features an additional output that enables an instrumentalist to use an on-stage amp for personal monitoring. This output is transformer isolated to help eliminate the hum and buzz caused by ground loops. In addition, a 3-position high-pass filter is used to eliminate excessive low frequency resonance which can cause some instruments to modulate and make them difficult to mix. A phase switch is also included to reverse the polarity at the XLR output by toggling pin-2 with pin-3. This can be useful as a means of avoiding feedback on stage without resorting to radical equalisation. And another thing… Connection of the StageDirect to the PA system is via the balanced output using a standard XLR cable; StageDirect may be powered using the console’s 48V phantom power or by using the included 15VDC supply.