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Radial Engineering connects International Space Station call during live gig

International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield chatted with the members of Canadian band Trent Severn, whose self-titled debut was on the astronaut's upload request list from NASA.

A Radial Engineering JDI passive DI box helped connect International Space Station (ISS) astronaut Chris Hadfield with the members of Canadian band Trent Severn live on stage during a recent performance. Trent Severn’s self-titled debut album was on the astronaut’s upload request list for NASA. “He emailed us to let us know he’d like to call into a show and of course we jumped on the opportunity,” said guitarist Dayna Manning. FOH engineer Darryl Lahteenmaa explained his gear choice for a phone call from – literally – out of this world. “For a one-time call from the ISS, we weren’t taking any chances. The Radial JDI has proven itself time after time in every situation we have put it through so we knew we could trust it. And when the call from the Commander came though, I didn’t even think of the gear, I just enjoyed the moment. The JDI gave me complete peace of mind.” “The technical setup was simple. The cell phone’s stereo output was routed to the pair of ¼ inch inputs of the JDI. The merge function of the JDI was utilized to properly sum the signal to mono. The JDI output went directly to a channel on the board, then out to the PA system. We had the phone at the soundboard so when the call from Commander Hadfield came in we answered it and flashed Trent Severn onstage with a flashlight to let them know Chris was on the line. We brought them the phone and plugged it into the JDI.” Hadfield has gathered a huge Twitter following after posting unique pictures of the Earth from orbit.