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PSNLive 2015 digital edition now available

Read the 10th edition of our annual report for the European live sound industry now

The 10th edition of our annual report for the European live sound industry, PSNLive, is now available to read online or download as a PDF.

For PSNLive 2015 we altered the look and size of the publication, in keeping with the revamp of PSNEurope a couple of months ago. But, more than this, we’ve overhauled the approach to the yearly market reports.

Previously, an independent research house spent many hours grilling engineers, PA company bosses and other live sound professionals in order to build up a complete picture of the audio landscape. And, it must be said, the data revealed has shown, for the most part, only gradual change in our industry. We don’t expect fireworks and paradigm shifts every year – of course not – but the predictability of the results have not met our expectations with regard to the time and effort involved in mining them. (Perhaps I’m being too honest here. But still…)

So, for 2015, a different, leaner method: we stripped back the surveys to a handful of key questions, posted them online and asked YOU to come to US. This passive implementation has meant, inevitably, smaller sample sizes, however key trends and indicators have still emerged, as you will discover on pages 6-8.

The reports are complemented by another innovation. From p10 onwards, you’ll find ten ‘views from the top’, whereby we quizzed incumbents of key industry roles on the ups and downs of the business. Not just the engineers and hire companies either, as you will see. (Yes, we had to finish with the ‘festival regulars’ – ie the pop stars – for the back page.) The result is a range of insights from a diverse group of individuals, all of whose careers are inextricably linked to the fabric of live sound.

Add to this a look at boutique festivals, sound coverage for large events and the tech involved in capturing live sound – plus a quick burst of ZZ Top (!) – and PSNLive 2015 is, in short, a whole heap of great reading!


The print edition of PSNLive 2015 will mail with the August 2015 PSNEurope magazine.