PSNLive 2015: Be a part of our annual market report

Help us take the temperature of the live sound industry by filling out a short online survey
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It's time to put together PSNLive, our annual report on the state of the live sound industry. In a change to the normal service – hiring a third party to go through somewhat lengthy phone surveys with engineers and PA companies – we're trying something different: an online survey which you can complete in your own time (but before next Wednesday, 1 July, if you please).

If you're a sound engineer, you can fill in the survey at:

And if you're a PA company, try this one:

Your identity will be treated in confidence, as always – in fact you don't have to give it – but we would be thrilled if you contributed to helping us to 'take the temperature' of the market.

You can read the last issue of PSNLive at PSNLive 2014 reveals financial concerns.


Tommy Williams, Allen & Heath, GLD-80 Chrome, Howling, Oval Space, 2015

PSNLive market report 2015: Sound engineers

After several years of reports revealing fluctuating levels of optimism, the 2015 PSNLive engineers’ survey indicates a surge of confidence about the future and emerging audio technologies, says David Davies