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PSNLive 2014 reveals financial concerns

Now available online and in print is the ninth edition of our annual report for the European live sound industry, PSNLive.

Now available online and in print is the ninth edition of our annual report for the European live sound industry, PSNLive.

This year, we decided to go straight to the people on the front line when it came to the industry research. So, while you’ll find a couple of potted Q&As with a handful of manufacturers dotted around the pages, the makers of the kit have not been the primary focus of our research. No, for 2014, we contacted just the sound engineers and the PA companies – between 75 and 80 in total – to see how they were faring and what their expectations were. Key findings are financial ones: sound engineers are just as concerned about rising ticket prices as the rest of us; meanwhile, PA companies are expressing discomfort at the pressure to reduce overheads.

Richard Morgan, ex-John Hornby Skewes, is a first-time contributor for this year’s PSNLive. We pounced on his relocation to Germany (and his very fine language skills), and asked him to assess the rock scene in the rock-solid country. And yes, business is good.

David Davies – who, as previously, was responsible for analyzing Zing Insights’ research in the earlier reports – looked at how companies such as Soundcraft and RCF have adapted to push into unfamiliar channels.

While industry veteran Rene van der Linden looks back on a career embracing club beats and classical spectaculars, Kevin Hilton talks to a cross-section of sound engineers to see how their use of digital consoles (and the plug-ins and effects therein) measures up to the traditional outboard rack approach.

Then we come to a very special feature for PSNLive: Marc Maes, our Belgian correspondent, was able to immerse himself in the huge technical undertaking that is 14–18, a musical, on a grand scale, written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War, or World War I. With exclusive photos from Carole Edrich, Marc’s piece captures the enormity of the show. In fact, it looks so good, we just had to put it on the cover.

There’s essential intel from secondhand svengali Bob Kelly – he only EVER talks to PSNLive – and we end with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek overview of the best VIP areas on the festival circuit.

The PSNEurope team hope you find PSNLive as enlightening, and as essential, as ever.

Read the entire digital edition of PSNLive 2014here.