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Powersoft M-Force

Linear motor transducer

What is it? A linear motor design incorporating a moving magnet and “genuine push-pull behaviour” intended specifically for loudspeaker manufacturers and powered by Powersoft’s proprietary switch-mode amplification. Details Described as an alternative method of acoustic transduction combining the latest developments power amplification, magnetic materials and advanced real-time digital signal processing, M-Force is designed to integrate perfectly with other Powersoft technologies such as Differential Pressure Control (DPC) already used in subwoofers using IPAL technology. According to Powersoft, M-Force considerably improves electrical-to-acoustic conversion efficiency at system level, allowing “true exploitation of the native qualities of switch mode amplification”. By comparison with convention moving coil transducers, M-Force is said to requires less amplifier power to produce the same sound pressure levels at extremely low levels of distortion. As a genuine push-pull engine where the magnetic field interacts in a linear fashion to provide a controlled force to the moving elements, M-Force is completely free of moving electrical conductors, maximising the efficiency and reliability of the whole system and offering a natural, controlled sound and negligible power compression at the highest sound levels. The extreme displacement capabilities allow an increase in SPL in relation to cabinet size and by merging the unique parameters of the transducer and the amplifier output stage, the system is said to deliver “unsurpassed sonic performance and efficiency”. And another thing… Currently being tested in the field in collaboration with selected speaker manufactures and live sound engineers, M-Force will be presented as system-oriented package capable of enhanced low-frequency performance and offering a “complete paradigm shift” from the traditional moving-coil/cone design.