Posh DiGiCo SD9 ‘tweak’ for Porsche launch

DiGiCo’s SD9 specs get a ‘subtle customisation’ for the regional launch of the 2012 Porsche 911, becoming a SD911 desk for the day.
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DiGiCo’s SD9 console was ‘supercharged’ beyond it’s recently-announced Prolight + Sound upgrades for the regional launch of the latest Porsche 911 model in Brussels, becoming a SD911 for the event. Belgian company GSF Event has been Porsche’s audio-visual partner for five years. A series of regional launches followed the new Porsche 911’s debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, with GSF providing the production technology at the Brussels event. “The new 911 is one of the best cars in the world, with one of the best specs on the market. Therefore it deserved one of the best audio consoles on the market, which is why we chose to use our SD9,” said GSF co-owner Sammy Freh. “We needed a compact console with lots of inputs and outputs and with very good sound quality.” The launch involved speeches, followed by a kabuki drop to reveal the new model and then the opportunity for local dealers and customers to take a closer look. Using the SD9 with a DiGiRack and L-Acoustics PA system, Freh set the console up with three basic settings. “Each part of the event was separately programmed on the console,” he said. “A speech configuration for the words of the Porsche CEO, then a high power setup for the sound of the reveal and finally a background music configuration for the reception. With the different layers and snapshots, we could very quickly recall the different settings.” One subtle customisation to the SD9’s specification was its renaming - for these events only - as the SD911. “I put a Porsche sticker on the back of the console, which fit perfectly with the logo of the SD9,” said Freh. “Our console became the SD911! The events have been amazing and the client is very happy and we have been asked to book the same crew and equipment for the show of the new Porsche Boxter.” www.digico.org



Three DiGiCo SD9s for Hungarian theatre

Tatabánya is one of the towns benefitting from the Hungarian government's initiative to bring its regional theatres up to date as the local theatre took delivery of three new DiGiCo SD9 consoles supplied by Budapest-based Chromasound.


DiGiCo reclaims number 5

A decade after the launch of the D5 Live, DiGiCo launches its new incarnation, the SD5. The new addition fits directly into the D5’s shoes, but benefits from the advancements made possible by DiGiCo’s proprietary Stealth Digital Processing.


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American event specialist Clearwing Productions worked closely with DiGiCo to provide five consoles for Milwaukee’s Summerfest, considered one of the world’s largest music festivals by Guinness World Records.


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DiGiCo has added a broadcast application specific extension to the SD5, which, according to DIGiCo MD James Gordon, means that "the broadcast market can now get all the great benefits of the SD5 in a package that’s tailored specifically to its needs”.