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PLASA Focus: Leeds unveils Professional Development Programme

Free registration is open now for dicussions on “good sound”, insight into the world of RF, live drum micing techniques and more.

PLASA Focus: Leeds 2014 has revealed details of the first audio sessions of its Professional Development Programme. The show takes place at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, on 29-30 April, 2014. According to the exhibition website, “all seminars and discussion sessions are designed to give you an insight into the technology, techniques and talent that will boost your business prospects in the year ahead”.

Audio highlights include:

What Does Good Sound Sound Like?
A trio of audio experts will examine what we perceive as “good sound”. Tony Andrews and John Newsham of Funktion-One, and the legendary sound engineer Roger Lindsay, will demonstrate the influence of individual links in the audio chain and an interactive discussion of individual perception will take place. Questions will then be taken from the audience.

Getting a Foot in the Door – How To Make Your Way In The Live Sound Industry
Darryn de la Soul will provide aspiring sound engineers with advice on how to approach potential employers and how to get a response to your CV. The principles that will be discussed are equally applicable to those trying to get into other parts of the entertainment technology industry.

An Insight into the World of RF – Is it a Dark Art?
Tuomo Tolonen of Shure Distribution UK will unravel the mysteries of RF, enabling engineers to be confident in their dealings with radio mics and IEMs which are now an integral, yet often misunderstood, part of the pro-audio skill base.

Live Drum Micing Techniques Veteran sound engineer Justin Grealy will demonstrate a variety of drum micing techniques to help you get the best out of any situation, whether it be your local pub with a low budget, or a massive gig where money is no object. Free registration for PLASA Focus: Leeds is now open, with more session announcements expected soon.

Photo Credit: Chris Toulmin