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PL+S: Telefunken M82

Dynamic cardioid microphone

What is it? A dynamic cardioid microphone said to provide superior performance to the traditional large diaphragm, dynamic kick drum microphone. Details The M82 is a robust design incorporating a large 35mm diaphragm offering enhanced low-frequency capabilities. An ‘end-address’ microphone with the top portion of its headgrille pointed at the sound source, it features two EQ switches for Kick EQ and High Boost operating independently of each other to provide four unique settings and making it easier to tailor the microphone’s response to the source. The Kick EQ switch engages a passive filter that reduces some of the lower mid-range frequencies (centered around 350Hz) and commonly cut when processing a kick drum to prevent it sounding ‘boxy’. This particular setting is tailored specifically for kick drum use. The High Boost switch lifts the upper mid-range and high frequencies (starting around 2kHz with a 6dB boost by 10kHz). For kick drum use, this allows for more beater attack when placed inside the drum and gives the option of either a vintage-style kick drum effect or a more modern sound. The high boost provides further articulation and airiness in the upper register, making the microphone suitable for a range of sources such as vocals, percussion, broadcast voice, guitar and bass amplifiers, organ, and brass instruments. And another thing… The M82 borrows heavily from the U47 body style and is finished in a durable smooth black paint on the headgrille and body.