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PL+S: Out Board TiMax2 SoundHub PanSpace

Pan programming app

What is it? A graphical sound-effects pan programming application which works in conjunction with the S-Version TimeLine editor. Details The TiMax2 SoundHub PanSpace allows users to create multiple, fully-editable pan trajectories in any Cue, which can animate multichannel audio from TiMax SoundHub’s internal hard-disk or integrate with external audio and MIDI/MTC trigger sources such as QLab. Aimed at theatre and live events sound designers plus AV, museum and attraction integrators, S-Version showcontrol functions include Timeline cue programming with a variety of showcontrol Trigger and Event formats. Powerful multitrack audio playback functions include clip editing, looping, timeslip, mix automation and archiving, plus the object-based delay-pan programming pioneered by TiMax. TiMax SoundHub is a multichannel system matrix and playback server for theatre and opera sound, live events, clubs, corporate, retail and themed environments. It comprises a scaleable matrix mix engine offering from 16 to 64 channels I/O with up to 64 tracks of random access audio playback. A “powerful” feature set includes linkable and storable I/O parametric EQ, assignable zone level control groups plus dynamic delay matrixing for real-time audio localisation of performers, presenters, exhibits, etc – as well as 3D surround sound for effects and music. Simple auto-config plug ‘n’ play networking allows control from multiple PC and Mac clients or touch-panels such as Crestron, AMX or Out Board’s new iPad server app. Options include networking such as MADI, Ethersound, Cobranet and Dante. And another thing… Out Board has also introduced the TiMax Tracker Touring Version featuring “fully ruggedised” and weatherproofed TT Sensors and rackmount POE Combiner Hub for quick and simple installation cabling.