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Peter Janis’ 12 Days of Christmas

PSNEurope asked the president of live sound and studio gadget specialist Radial Engineering what he'd like his true love to send him this festive season...

DAY 1: Less red tape Tremendous time, effort and expense is required by everyone when we move goods across borders. Protectionism, taxation and other forms of barriers make it difficult to do business and the end result is higher prices for consumers and less money in the hands of producers. We should be doing everything we can to promote free trade (not free-er trade for me) so that we can all benefit.

DAY 2: Standards that are actually standard Way back in the 1990s, we anticipated fibre-optics would completely take over audio and render our custom cable division obsolete. Immunity to RF, no more ground loops, 24-bit 96kHz sampling… perfect audio for all. Although we made great strides, we soon came to the conclusion that if a Yamaha console cannot speak with a DiGiCo, analogue splitters would still survive. 20 years later, we are still wishing for a universal standard!
DAY 3: More independent dealers
 Creativity and innovation comes from those that are excited about being in the business. This often begins on the retail sales floor where guys like me started in this business. With the trend away from person-to-person communication, to online ordering at-the-best-price practices, we are heading towards a ’vanilla only’ future. My wish is for more small independent shops to rise to the occasion. DAY 4: Fair taxation With internet shopping comes tax evasion. We can blame the Romans for inventing both tax and evasion – they have been doing it for 2000 years. But when a far-off jurisdiction can beat the local competitor by avoiding tax, it makes it impossible for the local company to thrive. A fair playing field for all our customers is another wish. Read the full feature within the free iPad Edition of PSNEurope or via the online Digital Edition.