Outline unveils selection of new subwoofers

Italian sound system manufacturer Outline has no fewer than five new subwoofers on display at Prolight + Sound this year.
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Outline has unveiled a collection of five new subwoofers at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. On display are the new GTO-SUB, FLYSUB 15 (passive and iMode models), DBS 18-2 (passive and iMode models), and the EIDOS 108 S. The GTO-SUB (pictured) is a passive subwoofer equipped with two long-stroke 18” loudspeakers and completes the Grand Touring Outline (GTO) series. Like the other elements in this series, the GTO-SUB features rigging hardware manufactured in light alloy - used in the aerospace field - designed to be as strong as steel but weighing 66% less. Modules can be flown in a vertical array (up to 16), or cardioid arrays in both flown and stacked set-ups. The FLYSUB 15 iMode is a powered subwoofer - equipped with a long-stroke 15” loudspeaker - designed specifically for Outline’s Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. vertical line array. The cabinet’s raked lines enable a wider range of geometric configurations in a VLA context, and its acoustic loading was calculated to highlight upper bass frequencies. It’s sibling, the The FLYSUB 15 is a passive subwoofer designed for the EIDOS 265 LA vertical line array (which is also a passive system). Features the same dimensions and mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications as the FLYSUB 15 iMode, but requires an external amplifier and DSP when used. The DBS 18-2 passive sub two 18” long-stroke loudspeakers in a “decoupled baffle subwoofer” acoustic configuration, allowing extension down to the lowest frequencies, without noise due to turbulence caused by high-speed air movement (frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 160 Hz. The powered version of the sub – the DBS 18-2 iMode - has the same dimensions and mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications, but features Outline’s proprietary iMode technology and a Class D amplifier (3000 W EIAJ on 8 Ω). The final new sub on show is the EIDOS 108 S, a passive subwoofer from the EIDOS series, equipped with a 8” long-stroke loudspeaker fitted with a dual magnet. Depth, precision and fast transient response are the key characteristics of this system, which, in spite of its dimensions [25 cm (9.84'') x 55 cm (21.65'') x 50 cm (19.69'')], is able to operate from the bottom end of the frequency range (38 Hz). www.outline.it



Outline GTO rocks Fuji

This summer’s Fuji Rock Festival – the largest in Japan – featured an Outline GTO system at the event’s White Stage, comprising 24 GTO elements, 2 GTO down-fill elements and 18 ground-installed DBS 18-2 subwoofers.