Outline steps up in celebration of Queen’s Day

An Outline GTO system was deployed for Queen's Day - or Koninginnedag - on 30 April in the Netherlands. This year’s celebrations were two-fold, since Queen Beatrix abdicated in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander.
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An Outline GTO system was deployed in Vismarkt square in Groningen, the Netherlands, where 10,000 fans gathered for the traditional Queen’s Day celebrations. The venue features difficult acoustics, notoriously feared amongst rental companies, due to its small width (40 metres) compared to the length (100 metres), and its strict SPL regulation of no more than 85 dB (measured) at the buildings at the side of the square. To overcome these, a L+R FOH system was deployed comprising nine Outline GTO, one GTO-DF (downfill), 16 DBS 18-2 subwoofers and six Lipfill 082 compact enclosures - Outline’s latest addition to the GTO family of products. All the above was powered by 24 T-11 amplifiers, also from Outline. Erik Koster of Eko Geluid & lichttechniek, who provided the stage equipment, commented: “When we fired up the system I knew that it was great. With all the limits the location did set, we still were able to deliver seamless coverage. The headroom at our disposal was simply astounding”. “Currently, thanks also to the evolution of a market on which loudspeakers are increasingly sturdy and efficient, there is no doubt that almost all PAs effectively sound ‘loud’,” added Axel Nagtegaal of The Audio Specialists, Outline’s distributor for Benelux and Germany. “One certain GTO prerogative is the ability to ensure intelligible output over long distances: in my opinion higher than any competitor in the market’s large-format PA sector”. www.outline.it



Outline GTO rocks Fuji

This summer’s Fuji Rock Festival – the largest in Japan – featured an Outline GTO system at the event’s White Stage, comprising 24 GTO elements, 2 GTO down-fill elements and 18 ground-installed DBS 18-2 subwoofers.


A concert fit for the Queen

The success of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert owes as much to the pro-audio folks behind the scenes as the stars who performed on stage. PSNEurope reports on who made it all happen, and how.