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Outline launches iMode-dedicated website

The new website was created to ensure that users fully understand the company’s web-based loudspeaker control platform.

Outline has created a new website dedicated to iMode; the company’s web-based loudspeaker control platform. The system is designed to be used with an iPad, though it is also compatible with desktop systems and the iPhone and iPod touch. The new website was created to ensure that users fully understand the technology, providing an easy-to-read overview, deeper technical details, a walkthrough of the iMode ‘experience’ and a complete list of iMode-enabled Outline solutions. “We hope that the site’s design, based on this layout, reflects the simplicity at the base of the iMode concept,” said Outline’s Michele Noselli. “On the other hand, turning iMode into actual products was not so easy: it required resources, passion and (brilliant) intelligence, all factors that – modesty aside – there has never been a shortage of at Outline.” Engineer Daniele Pagani, the leader of the iMode project at the Brescia manufacturer’s R&D department, commented: “The need, flexibility and enjoyment of putting the control of an entire system at engineers’ fingertips was discovered at Outline even before the arrival on the market of mobile devices, which provided the perfect missing link between the iMode project and the information technology world. “The most stimulating aspect is that this interaction will continue to evolve, offering Outline – and us designers – the possibility of experimenting and realising new forms of control and sound reinforcement system management, while users are ensured a platform structured in such a way as to avoid ‘ageing’. In a word, it’s great know that you’re investing in something that one day will be able to be updated with just a click…”