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Outline celebrates Poland’s freedom with Letus

Gigant Sound Letus supplied part of its GTO inventory – which even impressed US president Barack Obama – for the 25th Freedom Day in Warsaw.

Polish production company Gigant Sound Letus deployed part of its new Outline GTO inventory in Warsaw for an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Freedom Day, which marks Poland’s liberation from communist rule.

On 4 June, Polish president Bronislaw Komorowsk, US president Barack Obama (pictured speaking), 50 European heads of state and various members of Europe’s royal families attended an historic concert in Castle Square.

Outline says the concert was a “perfect example of the GTO’s flexibility and power,” and saw Gigant Sound Letus specify a compact nine-per-side GTO main system supplemented by eight GTO-SUB modules, all powered by Powersoft T11 amplifiers.

Letus founder and owner Jurek Taborowski says: ‘The GTO system, with a DiGiCo SD5 at FOH, delivered perfectly controlled audio for both live music and the speeches.

“At the mix position, some 65m from the stage and two metres off the ground, the audio reproduction was perfect. During the concert, we switched off the first delay systems as they just weren’t needed – even at around 120m from the stage, the system was still delivering beautiful full-range sound.”

He continues: “Obviously with the number of VIPs in the crowd, including the president of the United States, this event just had to be right. There was no room for error – everything had to be perfect, and it was. Even Mr Obama’s technical team commented on the quality of the audio.”

The music for the concert was created for the occasion by Grammy Award-winning Polish composer Wlodek Pawlik. “The orchestra, band and chorus sounded excellent on the GTO system,” he comments, “clear and soft, but all the time very powerful in full frequency. That was the first time I heard the GTO boxes – it’s an amazing system.”