Optocore AES3

New at InfoComm 2010... Optocore's X6R I/O card
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What is it?

An I/O card for Optocore X6R 16-channel converters.


The AES3 (AES/EBU) card complements Optocore's existing Mic/Line conversion card range, offering 16-channel operation and the ability to change either inputs or outputs in groups of eight. For devices fitted with an AES card plus a software-selectable analogue converter card, it is said to offer considerable flexibility. Whether the user wants to use all 16 AES channels (and no analogue I/O), or a combination of both, the AES card will switch from 16 to eight channels accordingly and can be used across the entire X6R-TP and X6R-FX range of converters.




Optocore selected for Finnish theatre

Built in 1866, the Svenska Teatern is the national stage for the Swedish speaking minority of the region. As part of an audio upgrade, the venue is now fitted with an Optocore solution to help drive sound around the auditorium.