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Nexo STM makes Hellfest debut

French rental company Melpomen has provided the audio kit for the rock and metal festival its inception in 2006. This was the first year the company’s Nexo STM system was deployed for Hellfest's two main stages.

Nexo’s STM system made its Hellfest debut on the two main stages of the rock and metal festival in Clisson, France. French rental company Melpomen has provided the audio kit for Hellfest since its inception in 2006. Thierry Tranchant, Melpo’s president commented: “We have a very good relationship with the festival organisers, so when we explained that we needed STM because it is such a fantastic, powerful system, and it’s so easy to rig, they just took our word for it.” Both stages were equipped with identical STM systems comprising a dedicated L/R main hang of 15x STM M46 main modules and 15x STM B112 bass modules per side; and two stacks of 15x S118 sub modules in a cardioid configuration on the floor. System design was achieved using NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 software package, and includes GEO T sidefills, GEO S12 front fills and Alpha cabinets on stage. “All systems are 100% phase coherent, something NEXO has been working on for the last two years,” confirmed Stuart Kerrison, from the company’s Concert Sound Division. Nexo’s distinctive 45ºN-12 monitors were also on stage for the majority of the performers to use. “I used the 45ºN-12s two years ago with Iggy Pop and even he thought they sounded really good, so I knew they must be the real deal,” Tranchant said. “We’ve got 48 of them here for Hellfest and they’re working very well; the fact that you can configure them as you please is a major advantage when working in any festival environment.”