Nexo scores hat-trick with STM sales

Rental house giants Wigwam Acoustics, Capital Sound and Sound Linear have all confirmed significant purchases of Nexo’s STM Series sound reinforcement system.
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Rental house giants Wigwam Acoustics, Capital Sound and Sound Linear have all confirmed significant purchases of Nexo’s STM Series sound reinforcement system.

STM (Scale Through Modularity) was launched at Prolight+ Sound last year, and steers away from the usual line array considerations, presenting users with a modular, ‘Swiss army knife’ approach to PA design.

Wigwam’s system comprises 48 STM M46 main cabinets, 48 B112 bass cabinets and 48 S118 sub bass units – identical to that ordered by Capital Sound, the first in the UK to take delivery of an STM system in January.
Both companies worked closely with Nexo to inform what they wanted from a new PA system. “Their engineers really listened, went away and came up with the STM concept as opposed to just bringing out another cabinet design that none of us really wanted,” said Wigwam’s Chris Hill.
“We’ll be working closely with Capital Sound at how we’ll package it as a system,” continued Hill. “We have lots of ideas for it, and we’ll be putting our own mark on it before we’re in a position to move it forward and make it available to our customers.” At Capital Sound, components of its system will be introduced initially on small-scale events, ramping up during summer 2013 to larger projects that will enable engineers to get to grips with its full capabilities.
“With profit margins being squeezed, it’s crucial for the success of rental companies to get the maximum flexibility from their inventories,” said Capital’s general manager, Paul Timmins. “As digital consoles become inflexible due to personal choice, it’s more important that the loudspeaker system, which is the element that generally ‘gets you the show’, is working constantly. Prep costs money and this system just requires configuration between projects, with no rebuilds necessary.”
Meanwhile in northern Westfalia, rental company Sound Linear has completed a run of gigs with its new STM system acquired from Nexo distributor audiovation – the first one in Germany.
“Before we got the STM, we had to transport two systems around with us to handle the different venues on the tour, ranging in size from 2,000 to 12,000 people, and we had to change for every show,” said Sound Linear’s system tech Jonas Telesch. “The FOH engineer also had to change his way of mixing every day because he had a different PA. With STM, we’re hanging the same system in a bigger or smaller configuration, yet the sound is consistent.”

Pictured: Wigwam team Craig Burns, Alex Hadjigeorgiou, Rob Priddle, Francois Deffarges (Nexo), Ginger Joe Murphy, Stuart Kerrison (Nexo), Joe Cross and Phil Goldsworthy.



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