New install announced as Tannoy's VQ LIVE gains 'real traction'

Tannoy's Mark Flanagan says that, nearly a year after launching the product at Prolight+Sound 2009, there is "a rapidly growing appreciation of VQ's capabilities and its obvious suitability for rental customers".
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The Waterfront is owned by the University of East Anglia Student Union and hosts more than 100 live music events every year, reports David Davies. Possessor of an impressively sturdy construction (the walls are said to be over 20 inches thick), the venue recently secured funds to overhaul its in-house PA system.

An encounter with Red Square Audio's Paul Nicholson - who had a fundamental input to the development of VQ LIVE - led to an introduction to the new Tannoy's system and a subsequent demonstration. Both production manager Nic Morris and in-house engineer Lavar Bullard (pictured L to R, respectively) were said to be very impressed with the system, which offers built-in amplification and processing.

"Given a price point around half that of the competing systems (based on performance) it was an easy choice for us to make, and combined with the excellent support from Red Square Audio we are very happy with the result," said Morris.

The final installed spec comprises four VQnet 60 LIVE loudspeakers and six VNET 218DR LIVE subwoofers, deployed on the basis of two tops and three subs per side.

Reflecting on the progress of VQ LIVE to date, Tannoy's Mark Flanagan tells PSN-e: "A year after launching the product at Prolight+Sound '09, during which rental companies have tended to be cautious when it comes to investing in their inventory, VQ LIVE is starting to gain some real traction, both here and across the pond. It was always going to be tough breaking into the touring market, but we're pleased to see a rapidly growing appreciation of VQ's capabilities and its obvious suitability for rental customers. There's been a lot of demand for a passive box, and we're glad to announce that this is now very much in the pipeline - as are alternative horn configurations - making VQ LIVE a perfect solution for those upgrading existing passive inventory, as well as opening up some obvious possibilities for offering high performance tour systems when coupled with Lab.gruppen's industry leading PLM and FP+ platforms."



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