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NAMM 2020: Renkus-Heinz to showcase ICLive X and DC12/2 Series

"Renkus-Heinz has taken a cutting-edge approach to digitally steerable loudspeakers over the past few years," said president of Renkus-Heinz, Matt Czyzewski

ICLive X series

Renkus-Heinz, a leading manufacturer of pro sound speakers, will be showcasing the DC12/2 and the ICLive X Series at NAMM 2020.

Both products will be on display at booth 17907 and speakers from the ICLive X Series will also power live performances each night at the Hilton Anaheim Lobby Bar.

“Renkus-Heinz has taken a cutting-edge approach to digitally steerable loudspeakers over the past few years,” said Matt Czyzewski, president of Renkus-Heinz. “Not just in terms of the industry-leading engineering and science, but also in the application layer. We’re making it easier than ever to install, configure, and provide steerable sound for all environments.”

The ICLive X series is Renkus-Heinz’s latest evolution of the medium-format, steerable line array. It provides flexibility for integrators, contractors, and production/rental houses, consisting of two combinable and steerable array modules, the ICLX and ICLXL, and a matching subwoofer, the ICLX-118S.

Renkus-Heinz’s Acoustic Source Multiplier (ASM) waveguide has been added to the ICLive X series, allowing the HF section to be coaxially mounted in front of the LF section. The coaxial driver arrangement delivers a consistent and symmetrical array of both high and low frequencies along the entire length of the array, allowing the freedom to choose any acoustic center available. In addition, the ASM reduces inter-driver spacing to a minimum, ensuring gradient-lobe free performance to high frequencies.

The ICLive X module can be arrayed up to 12 tall, making it ideal for all applications: from house of worship, to theatres, to hospitality, to major stadium installs.

The first product in the Directivity Control Series, the DC12/2 compact, steerable self-powered column array brings the features of Renkus-Heinz’s digitally steered line arrays to smaller spaces. It is also the first digitally steered array with control via smartphone or tablet. This means integrators can install quickly and strategically, then use several pre-defined presets through an iOS or Android device to tailor the system for the specific environment.

Easily installed with the included wall mount, the DC12/2 requires no vertical aiming and is designed for smaller venues with an abundance of reflective surfaces: meeting rooms, galleries, restaurants, fitness clubs, and small theatre spaces, as well as for covering balconies, transepts, and overflow spaces.

With 12 full-range, two-inch drivers powered by 12 channels amplification, the DC12/2 works well for any application requiring tight control and discreet aesthetics.