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NAMM 2016: Mackie launches ProDX line of ultra-compact mixers

The series comprises tow models, the ProDX4 and ProDX8, featuring complete wireless control via iOS and Android.

At last week’s NAMM Show Mackie launched an all-new line of ultra-compact digital mixers with complete wireless control – the ProDX Series. The line features two models, the 4-channel ProDX4 and the 8-channel ProDX8.

“Performers, small venues and commercial applications often have to settle for limited capability when choosing a compact mixer,” commented Ben Olswang, Mackie senior product manager. “With ProDX, we’ve delivered a powerful digital mixer with loads of processing, wireless control and Bluetooth streaming. But we’ve also created a mixer that incredibly convenient and easy to use from the intuitive from panel interface. It’s the perfect combination.”

ProDX mixers have built-in hardware that allows easy control over any channel and output via a single knob. This is, according to Mackie, perfect for applications such as restaurants, commercial applications and rehearsal studios that have many users that only need quick level adjustment with virtually no learning curve and often in dimly lit or tight spaces.

In addition to the quick front panel hardware, ProDX mixers provide complete wireless control over everything from EQ and FX to voicing and mix presets using the MixerConnect app available for iOS and Android devices.

The ProDX4 features two Wide-Z preamps, plus TRS main outs and an aux send for sending audio to a monitor or separate zone. The ProDX8 extends the input count to six mic preamps and the addition of a second aux send. Both mixers also come with a 1/8″ stereo aux input for connecting a media player and a headphone output for monitoring or silent practice.

“We are excited to bring this incredibly versatile, compact mixing solution to users,” Olswang comments. “ProDX was designed to deliver a powerful digital mixer with the ease of use of an analogue mixer, all at an incredible price, perfect for solo performers, small bands and commercial applications.”

The Mackie ProDX4 and ProDX will be available worldwide beginning April, 2016.