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NAMM 2015: Feel what you play with Porter & Davies KT Platform

Kinetic transfer delivers "stage-shaking excitement that other monitors don't deliver", says the company

Porter & Davies, the worldwide leader in ‘tactile monitoring’ – a technique which delivers sound to musicians using bone conduction – has announced the launch of its new KT Platform for bassists, DJs, guitarists and stand-up keyboardists and percussionists.

The KT Platform (pictured) uses the transmission of sound by ‘kinetic transfer’ (KT) to enable musicians “to feel and hear their playing internally, instead of relying on conventional audio methods”, delivering “a full and faithful transfer of the […] weight of the sound through bone conduction” for musicians who “[w]ant to sound and feel like [they] have a huge amp stack behind [them], but no-one else needs to hear it”. Porter & Davies is primarily known for its BC2 drum stool, which operates on a similar principle.

“The KT Platform will give you that stage-shaking excitement that other monitors – in-ears, in particular – don’t deliver,” says Porter & Davies. “You can choose to monitor just your own instrument, or take a mix from the monitor board and lock into the groove in a way you’ve never felt before.”

Jools Holland bassist Dave Swift (pictured right), a user of the KT Platform, comments: “The addition of my Porter & Davies KT Platform has enhanced my onstage playing experience beyond anything I could’ve imagined. It has become as crucial onstage as my bass itself! I won’t use in-ear monitors without the addition of my KT Platform.”

Porter & Davies will be exhibiting at booth 3476 in hall D.