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NAMM 2014: DPA to showcase “d” branded microphones

Re-branded range of DPA microphones to be launched at NAMM 2014 with live performance from SHEL.

DPA Microphones will feature its new line of “d” branded products at NAMM 2014, including the d:vote instrument and d:facto II vocal microphones which will be used by DPA’s live headliner, SHEL. The four piece folk-pop act is described by DPA as “longtime fans of the company” and is made up of four sisters, Sarah, Hanah, Eva and Liza Holbrook. The company will use this occasion to launch the full range of “d” branded products, including the range of d:screet miniature microphones and the d:fine headset microphones.

“A few years ago, we decided to change the names of our new products to make them more recognizable and easy to remember,” says Christian Poulsen, CEO of DPA Microphones. “In the past, our products were branded with numbers, which were difficult to understand and remember unless you were a DPA aficionado. We wanted names that were more meaningful and more interesting, so we found words starting with the letter ‘’d’’ that fit the significance to the ‘’d:” branding.” In addition to the new range of live microphones, the new d:dicate recording microphone line will also be on display. The modular MMC4018 super-cardioid capsule and the popular MMC4007 high-SPL omnidirectional capsule are part of the new range.The MMC4007 is now being re-launched for modular use. Poulsen said: “Starting product lines with a ‘d’ makes it easier for fans to remember what they are using as it connects the mics to the DPA name. We also felt that leaving out the second letter gave it a graphic element that worked well with our new DPA design.”