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Musique, MAESTRO, please: Amadeus features at Paris festival

French sound reinforcement manufacturer Amadeus outfitted the EDM stage at Paris’ "Fete de la Musique" event this year.

French sound reinforcement manufacturer Amadeus outfitted the EDM stage at Paris’ “Fete de la Musique” event this year, which featured DJ sets by Michaël Canitrot, Nico de Andrea, Gregori Klosman and Tristan Garner and a crowd of over 10,000 people. Amadeus deployed its DIVA XL array systems, PMX 15 coaxial speaker systems – used as stage monitors and in front-fills – and a new prototype product, the Amadeus MAESTRO subwoofer. The Amadeus MAESTRO subwoofer features a unique combination of both low power handling capacity and ultra high-efficiency with dual high-linear excursion 15-inch horn-loaded speakers mounted in a push-pull mode At the Fete de la Musique EDM stage, only eight subwoofers were paired with two Lab.gruppen C88:4 amplifiers offering a maximum SPL 155 dB at 25 Hz. The Amadeus MAESTRO subwoofer system is still in testing, and is set to be released in Asia in 2014. Gaetan BYK, marketing manager at Amadeus, commented: “The MAESTRO is the brainchild of Amadeus working with entertainment technology providers to minimize overall costs while maximizing the sonic quality and the tonal balance homogeneity for long throw and sound pressure level under 50 Hz. The ‘User Requirements Specification’ that we ended up with from our experiences is quite complex, even utopian. After several years of R&D, we provided this prototype to several partners who could test the subwoofer in very different types of concerts and venues, with 5,000 to 50,000 people in the audience. The MAESTRO will soon be rolling off the assembly line at the Amadeus plant in France, to be released first to the Asian live sound market in 2014.”