Midas PRO6 powers Prince gigs

Rental and production company DB Audio invested in a pair of Midas PRO6 digital consoles for Prince’s ‘secret’ gigs at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.
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Rental and production company DB Audio invested in a pair of Midas PRO6 digital consoles for two ‘secret’ Prince gigs that took place at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London at the beginning of February.

The gigs were played in support of Prince’s forthcoming album Plectrum Electrum, which he recorded with all-female trio 3RDEYEGIRL.

The consoles were supplied by LMC Audio for FOH and monitor duties. Owner of DB Audio Richard Waterhouse, explains: “The Midas PRO series embodies scalability with the PRO3 upgradeable to PRO6 and PRO9 through the addition of extra processing cards. For us, the logical entry point was PRO6, upgrading our old 48 channel analogue system to 64 channels digital.”

“Our philosophy has always been that the quality of sound on stage is just as important as front of house, so the decision to invest in two PRO6 consoles was easy,” adds Waterhouse.

The ability to use an iPad to adjust the parametric EQ and the ease of integrating a multi channel JoeCo Black Box recording system via a Klark Teknik DN9650 network bridge also played a role in the choice of consoles.

Fineline Media Finance, an asset finance specialist within the industry, was introduced to DB Audio to help fund the new equipment.

Technical field sales representative at LMC Audio Will Hinkly, says: "Jon Openshaw, area sales manager at Fineline Media Finance returned a very suitable package to work with for the Midas PRO6 system that DB Audio could go forwards with.”



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