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Meyer Sound LEO selected for Michel Sardou tour

FOH engineer Jean-Marc Hauser and long-time Sardou supplier DUSHOW opted for Meyer Sound’s new LEO system following an impressive demo.

Popular French singer Michel Sardou is the latest artist to tour with Meyer Sound’s LEO large-scale sound reinforcement system as he performs in France and Belgium.
Last summer’s Way Out West festival in Sweden was the site of LEO’s under-the-radar launch. FOH engineer Jean-Marc Hauser and long-time Sardou supplier DUSHOW opted for the LEO system following an impressive demo: “LEO delivers a bigger sound even at low levels,” said Hauser. “Enormous and precise low/mids and amazing vocals which are loud and clear are just a few of its characteristics. Coverage is consistent and my shows are benefitting from a great stereo image with every detail well represented.” For the Sardou tour, DUSHOW is carrying 24 LEO-M loudspeakers, 12 1100-LFC elements, eight MICA and six MINA line array loudspeakers, 12 MSL-4 loudspeakers, two HD-1 audio monitors, and one USW-1P subwoofer. Signal processing is handled by four Galileo Callisto systems and two Galileo 616 AES processors. “Collectively, the LEO package constitutes a masterpiece,” said DUSHOW’s general technical manager, Marc de Fouquières, “LEO really is the next generation touring system.” Hauser added: “I’m delighted to say that we have received many, many compliments during the Sardou tour. It is the most amazing PA that I have ever tried to tame.”