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Meyer Sound Constellation turns Vendéspace arena into multiple-use structure

Vendéspace sports arena in western France doubles up as Symphony Hall with Meyer Sound Constellation.

Local government in La Roche-sur-Yon, western France, decided to turn the Vendéspace sports arena into a multi-purpose structure when they realised they only had funding for one building. By using a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system, the sports stadium can also be used as a symphony hall. The Vendéspace stadium now features 18 MICA line array loudspeakers, eight JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers, and eight 700HP subwoofers, for amplified events. The Constellation system utilises 58 UltraSeries loudspeakers and 12 subwoofers to recreate natural room reverberation across the full audio spectrum.

Marc Asselineau, acoustician for the consulting firm Peutz France, says: “Most multi-purpose venues provide slight acoustic differences between shows as similar as theatre and opera, but certainly not as different as sports and symphonic music. It was also a difficult acoustical challenge with the multiple staging and seating configurations.” Asselineau worked out that if an acoustically dead space was built, suitable for amplified music, it would be possible to use active acoustics to enhance the ambience for symphony concerts and sporting events. In collaboration with Vendéspace director, Martin Morillon, the team decided to use a Constellation acoustics system. Morillon explains: “We went to Laboral Teatro in Spain to hear a demonstration and listened to a chamber music rehearsal. In such a large space, we were amazed at the acoustics, balance, and volume of the music coming from only five instruments.” “Constellation was an excellent solution for Vendéspace, as it does not introduce any coloration into the sound. It was also the most economical option, and it has demonstrated that it can cope with the extreme variability of event staging,” added