Meyer and Midas for Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Tuesday’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway featured Meyer Sound’s new LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system, and a total of five Midas consoles.
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Tuesday’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert at the 9,700-capacity Oslo Spektrum arena was driven by Meyer Sound’s new LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system, and a total of five Midas consoles supplied by Norwegian event specialist AVAB-CAC (part of the Nordic ‘super production group’). “The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is a very high-profile gig and is televised worldwide, so it is absolutely essential that we work with the highest possible quality sound system,” said Asle Nilsen, head of pro-audio at AVAB-CAC, Meyer Sound’s exclusive distributor for Norway. Of the five Midas consoles used for the concert, two XL8s were specified for FOH: the first for the over 55 individually-miced orchestra instruments, the second taking care of the house band and performers including Seal, Kylie Minogue, and Ne-Yo. An additional three Midas PRO9s were used on monitors; one specifically for Kylie Minogue, another for the orchestra, and the third was used on the second stage. For the PA, Nilsen deployed a four-cluster configuration featuring two primary hangs of 12 LEO-M and four MICA loudspeakers per side, augmented by two side clusters of eight LEO-M and four MICA loudspeakers. The 84-cabinet system featured 16 M’elodie loudspeakers to handle front fill and 12 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements for bass reinforcement. “LEO is a great product and we are thoroughly behind the principle of linearity,” said Nilsen. “It’s only natural to feel slightly anxious as the concert approaches –after all, it’s one of the most high profile events of the year and there is no scope for error – but having LEO onboard has definitely helped to calm our nerves!”


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