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Joe McElderry tours UK with Yamaha

London-based production company Subfrantic has taken Yamaha CL5 mixing consoles on a 60-date UK tour with X Factor winner Joe McElderry.

London-based production company Subfrantic has taken a Yamaha CL5 mixing console on a 60-date UK tour with X Factor winner Joe McElderry .

Subfrantic founder and the tour’s production manager and monitor engineer, Steve Davies says: “We did the preliminary dates in 2013 on a Yamaha M7CL-48ES at FOH and an LS9-32 on monitors, as restrictions on stage space and transport weight meant there was no way we could put another M7 or a pair of PM5Ds on it.”

The Yamaha system used on tour comprises a CL5 at FOH and one on monitors, two Rio3224-D i/o units on stage, with a Rio1608-D at the FOH position.

“Having previously installed three CLs in a church, I was aware of the capabilities of the CL series and the flexibility that Dante would offer. So when this year’s dates were confirmed, it was the perfect reason to invest in a pair of CL5s,” says Davies.

Davies is making use of Dante to complement the CL5’s on-board processing with Waves plugins, running Multirack via Dante Virtual Soundcard on a MacBook Pro.
A second MacBook Pro is being used to run a Dante controller for patching and a 64 track recording of each show via Steinberg Nuendo Live.

“It’s a four piece band, plus Joe, and the original show featured stereo playback and a click track. But with Dante and the CLs we’ve been able to expand it to 18 tracks. If you wanted to do that before, you needed a bunch of DIs, lots of looms and had to battle with the ever-increasing risk of patching errors and cable failures. Plus you ended up touring HD24s, which is nothing short of annoying,” says Steve.