McCune mics up TED with DPA

4060s and 4088s prove to be perfect for renowned technology conference.
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McCune Audio at TED 2014

McCune Audio, full-service technical event specialists for the annual TED Conference, is relying on d:fine DPA 4088 Directional Headset Microphones and d:screet™ 4060 Omnidirectional Microphones to mic guests and props for the 2014’s event.

TED2014 marks the second time that DPA Microphones have been part of the TED audio setup. McCune says it is using the same selection of mics as at last year’s event because of the “high-quality audio of both mics and the comfortable fit and feel of the 4088.”

Nick Malgieri, McCune’s TED Conference head of audio, explains: “For years, the post-production crew were trying to get us to reduce the amount of room acoustics we were hearing in the recordings – [as] because of the live PA system in the room, there was always slapback echo with the voice.

“We really used some pretty extreme processing paths with our previous mics just to try to help us get ahead of the issues. Once we switched to DPA 4088s, the added isolation let us really scale back on the processing. The sound was so much better that the post-production crew asked us to deploy ambient mics to capture the energy of the venue. That led us to the d:screet 4060s, which we use to pick up a lot of the stage noise from the props and scenery on set, such as chalkboards during presentations, a fire organ for a pyrophone performance or a target being hit by an archer.”


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