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Mackie ProFX16, ProFX22

Compact live desks

What is it?A pair of new additions to the ProFX range of compact live mixing desks. DetailsLike previous ProFX Series mixers, the 16-channel ProFX16 and 22-channel ProFX22 are designed to eliminate the need for additional rackmount gear and include integrated 32-bit RMFX effects processors offering 16 effects presets plus 7-band graphic EQ for simple tuning of mains or monitors. On the front end, Mackie low-noise, high-headroom preamps work with LED metering and 60mm faders on each channel to maintain levels. All channels incorporate 3-band EQ. A built-in USB interface allows direct recording from the desk as well as streaming back of music for breaks or integration into the mix. ProFx mixers are built around a rugged, solid-steel chassis with ABS sidecheeks designed to provide enhanced impact protection. Both the ProFX16 and ProFX22 increase the number of mic pre’s available for larger applications and offer dedicated inline compression for simple, one-control compression of critical vocals and instruments.