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Mackie DL1608 and DL806

Mixers with Lightening connectors

What is it? A pair of DL Series digital mixers featuring Apple’s Lightning connector for use with latest iPads. Details The latest DL Series mixers provide docking for the iPad 4 and iPad Minis allowing users of current generation Apple products to connect directly without an adaptor. This offers several key advantages over the alternative wireless connection method via Mackie’s Master Fader app including direct recording to the iPad and audio playback from iPad apps through DL mixers – plus charging. The new versions of the DL1608 and DL806 use a similar docking bay to the previous model which allows the iPad to be slid into position. For the iPad Mini, Mackie have also produced a mini tray accessory kit for easy docking, supplied with a special ‘padlock’ attachment designed to keep the device safe and secure. And another thing… Mackie is also offering users of existing DL mixers with 30-pin connectors a choice of service centre or self-installation upgrade paths for the new Lightning hardware.