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LTN Productions on new Inspired Audio Optima 5: “It packs a punch!”

The event production company used Blinston the speakers at the outdoor theatre event Boxford Masques

Hampshire-based event production company LTN Productions has invested in an Inspired Audio Optima 5 array system supplied by Inspired’s UK distributor, LMC Audio.

Commenting on the investment, the director of LTN Productions, Dominic Blinston, explains: “Our first thoughts were [that] it fits the bill and it does what we want it to do. Since owning it, we’ve realised that it’s capable of doing even more than we actually first thought it was.”

Describing the speaker as “packing a punch”, Blinston recounts the performance of the speakers from outdoor theatre event Boxford Masques, stating: “We didn’t know what to expect when it gets windy, yet so far it hasn’t really bothered the system.”

Commenting on the development of the Optima 5, Chris Scott, design director at Inspired Audio (pictured, L–R, with Blinston and LTN project manager Jon Wiles), concludes “It’s a product that I always wanted to have. Optima 5 became very much a ‘mission’ for me; because everything was small, issues that have never been issues on bigger boxes arose… It’s had more love and attention than the average product.”

(Georgia Butler)