London's Luminaire to bow out

The operators say that it “makes no sense” to continue with Kilburn, London venue The Luminaire, which is to close on 31 December.
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The operators say that it “makes no sense” to continue with The Luminaire, which is to close on 31 December.

The 300-capacity Luminaire in KIlburn, London has become a popular stopping-off point for non-mainstream bands and rising stars, but now – in a further loss to the London live music scene – it is to cease operations at the end of next month.

In a statement posted on the venue’s blog on 24 November, the operators confirmed the forthcoming closure of The Luminaire and sister bar venue The King’s Head. “It’s been a labour of love for a while now, and at this point it makes no sense for us to continue,” they wrote. “We hope to be able to do some final farewell shows, probably in late March, and we'll let you know about those through the usual channels.

“To all those who supported this independent venue, and the great artists who played here, since we opened back on 1st March 2005; you have our grateful thanks. We were nothing without you.”

Boy & Bear, Jenny & Johnny (otherwise known as Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice), Bob Log III and James Yorkston are among the acts scheduled to play the venue in its final full month.



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