London’s Bull & Gate to close as live venue

The legendary Kentish Town venue, which hosted early gigs from the likes of Nirvana, Blur and Coldplay, will cease operations as a live venue on 4 May.
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The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, London, will close its doors as a live music venue on 4 May. During its over 30-year history, the venue hosted early gigs of major acts such as Blur, Bloc Party, Manic Street Preachers and Coldplay. In 2010, music promoters Club Fandango took over the venue. In a statement on its website, Club Fandango said: “The irony is that having weathered the storm of free gigs and hipster swinging out of East London, having battled through five years of recession and having fought against the tide of depression rolling over the guitar-gripping side of the music industry throughout this decade the venue is going to be taken down by a gastropub.” British pub chain Youngs purchased the venue after its owners, property developers Davis Coffer Lyon, put it up for sale for £2.7m late last year. In a statement online, Club Fandango is encouraging bands that have previously played the venue to ‘play their respects’ before Bull & Gate closes: “Many people been part of the fabric of The Bull & Gate over the years either as a band, promoter, manager or fan and we'd like to get these final few months full of bands that have previously played the venue and give the old place the send off it really deserves. “Since 1980 a small, slightly smelly, part of the Kentish Town Road has been a home-from-home for hundreds of young hopefuls seeking to make their way in the musical world. For the past 11,680-ish nights the Bull & Gate has put its balls on the line and the good, the bad and the most maddening of bands on its stage, aided by a perfectly aligned live room and a frankly excellent PA. It may not always have been pretty. But it was always pretty bloody interesting.”



Live Music Bill to become law

The Live Music Bill received Royal Assent on 8 March, becoming the Live Music Act. Once in effect, small venues wanting to host live music will no longer need a local authority entertainment licence between the hours of 8am and 11pm.


Live Music Act in effect

The Live Music Act took effect 1 October and to coincide with the launch, the Musicians’ Union has created a ‘Live Music Kit’ containing practical and creative advice for venues wishing to host live music events.

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