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Lobbying for the Pro Sound Awards now closed

You only have until Saturday 31 May to send us your entries.

Saturday 31 May was the deadline to send us your entries as to whom you think should be in the shortlist to win awards at this year’s awards ceremony.

If you haven’t submitted anything yet, it’s time to email us, because you’re running out of time!

We would particularly like to see some more entries in the following categories:

Best Recording Production
Best Sound (Post)

Team of the Year

Best Facility
Best Event

All suggestions should apply to achievements/events between 15 JUNE 2013 and the close of the lobbying period.

To make a recommendation for any of the categories, visit the Pro Sound Awards website or email us at and send us your short pitch (up to a maximum of 300 words) for each award under consideration.

Lobbying is free, anyone can make suggestions and it’s easy to contribute.

All you need to do is read through the categories and see which one(s) you feel you want to make a pitch for: either nominating yourself, your team, an associate, or just a project or person you have been impressed with and want to give wider recognition.

Headphone/microphone giant Sennheiser has confirmed that it will repeat its headline sponsorship at the second Pro Sound Awards.
Good luck!